June is a fantastic month to discover all that Gran Canaria has to offer. Its beaches, the friendliness of its people, the relaxed atmosphere so typical of the islands, spectacular nature, and unique cuisine are just some of the many attractions in Gran Canaria. What are you waiting for to plan your visit? Here we tell you everything you need to know for a dream vacation in Gran Canaria in June.

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The Best Beaches to Enjoy the Good Weather in Gran Canaria in June

We all know that the beaches in Gran Canaria are one of the best reasons to visit the island in June (and pretty much all year round, to be honest), so we want to introduce you to some of the best ones you’ll find on this wonderful island:



Let’s start with one of the most untouched and natural beaches you can find on the island because we know that tranquillity is a precious commodity. On the western coast of Gran Canaria, after a good walk of about two and a half hours (we didn’t say it was easy), you will find a beach with incredible views, few people, and the sea waiting for you. If walking long distances isn’t an option, you can also get there by boat.



This beach is ideal for nudists, as its cove is protected by cliffs, providing cover and incredible natural beauty. Here, you can find the combination of dark sand with the greenery of the Tamadaba pine trees, which is very typical of Gran Canaria’s landscape.

Playa del Inglés

villas en playa del inglés para grupos grandes

Next to Maspalomas Beach is Playa del Inglés, which is also very spacious, calm, and perfect for families. It’s a sought-after beach for sports such as surfing, bodyboarding, yoga, running, and much more.




This beach is much more touristic than the first two, but it’s still spectacular. Being located in the Maspalomas Dunes Natural Reserve, you can expect that the environment is going to be fantastic. Here, three ecosystems converge: besides the dunes, there’s also the palm grove and the pond, creating a rich and beautiful world. The lighthouse watches over the sea from the heights, reminding us of other times, and adding a touch of mysticism to this beach. It’s a very spacious beach, with essential services for a relaxed day.

Puerto Mogán

puerto de playa mogan, gran canaria

Puerto Mogán Beach, located in the southwest of Gran Canaria, is known for its golden sand and calm waters. Nicknamed the “Venice of the Canaries” for its canals and colourful harbour, it offers a variety of restaurants and activities such as snorkelling and diving, ideal for enjoying the sun and local cuisine. The beach is lined with a variety of restaurants and cafes offering delicious local and international dishes, making it an ideal place to relax and enjoy the warm Canarian sun.

Las Canteras

Playa Las Canteras​

This list wouldn’t be complete without an urban beach because its advantages are many: all essential services and proximity to the city’s leisure options, restaurants, shopping, and much more. Additionally, this is a fantastic beach, right in the capital, offering a landscape that is definitely worth it. It’s an extensive beach where you can rent a sun lounger, let the kids play in the children’s areas, or go diving and snorkelling, among many other activities. It’s a lively beach, but with quieter areas where you can read a book or take a nap.

This is our selection of beaches that you shouldn’t miss in Gran Canaria, but we recommend that you explore the island a bit. You’re sure to find many other gems.

The average temperature in Gran Canaria in June usually ranges between 20°C and 26°C.

June Events and Bank Holidays in Gran Canaria

If you’re visiting Gran Canaria in June, you can take advantage of experiencing some of the island’s most important festivities. Here are the ones you shouldn’t miss:

  • The Eve of San Juan: On the summer solstice, the beaches fill with bonfires, fireworks light up the skies, and the street parties vibrate with excitement. This date coincides with the Foundational Festivities of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, so there’s a double cause for celebration.
  • Corpus Christi: On Corpus Christi Thursday, the streets and squares are covered with handmade flower carpets, creating true works of art that you can admire if you’re in Gran Canaria in June.

Water Activities to Help You Cool Off in Gran Canaria in June

Being an island, Gran Canaria relies on the sea to offer attractive options to its visitors. You’ll find many companies dedicated to organising water activities, including all the necessary equipment and even providing lessons for those who are new to these activities. You can go surfing, rent a jet ski, enjoy the tranquillity on a paddleboard, go diving and snorkelling to see the seabed, and much more.


Explore Nature and Enjoy the Good Weather In Gran Canaria in June

Nature is at its peak in Gran Canaria in June: another reason to take your holiday during this month. The island is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve due to its pristine nature and ecosystems rich in biodiversity. Here you’ll find several natural parks, such as Tamadaba or Pilancones, and other impressive areas you shouldn’t miss, like the caldera and the peak of Bandama. Another of the island’s main attractions is perhaps the most popular: the Maspalomas Dunes.

Come to Gran Canaria in June and Experience an Unforgettable Holiday

In very few places in Spain can you enjoy life as much as in Gran Canaria in June: there’s good weather, lots of entertainment but also plenty of relaxing activities, good food, nature, spectacular landscapes… this island has it all. Since you’re here, take a look at these accommodation options at Gran Canaria Stays, for truly unforgettable vacations with your family, group of friends, partner, or even solo. Apartments, studios, villas, and houses in various parts of the island, so you can make the most of your stay.