Palmitos Park in Gran Canaria is a zoological and botanical garden in a beautiful natural setting. It’s difficult to keep your eyes off of the views while visiting the exhibits. The park is home to various animal species, some native to the islands and others from other countries. The flora also plays a significant role and adds to the magic of the park. Palmitos Park in Gran Canaria is undoubtedly one of the most recommended places to visit in this area of the country.

Palmitos Park was founded in 1978 and initially started as a botanical and ornithological park. Gradually, new animals and plants, as well as attractions have been incorporated, transforming this space into a family-friendly park. Following a renovation in 2008, it offers fantastic conditions for leisure moments in Gran Canaria, with splendid gardens and modern facilities. Here we tell you everything you need to know about this great plan.

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Main attractions at the park

The animals take centre stage at Palmitos Park. The park is home to over 500 animals, distributed across different ecosystems, both terrestrial and aquatic: apes, including orangutans that are endangered in the wild; 150 species of birds, including eagles and other birds of prey, as well as colourful parrots of various types; several species of reptiles; an aquarium with freshwater and marine fish; numerous types of butterflies in the Butterfly House; and a dolphinarium with 3,000 m², three pools, and a capacity for 1,500 people.

However, plant and tree enthusiasts also have plenty of reasons to visit: over 200 species, both native and foreign. Subtropical flora dominates (around 15,000 specimens), but the park also boasts 1,000 palm trees, the largest collection of orchids in the Canary Islands, and a fantastic collection of cacti, some of which are quite large.

If we had to recommend particular attractions at Palmitos Park, we would suggest the dolphins and the flights of birds of prey and exotic birds, although it all depends on individual preferences. One thing is certain, though: we don’t recommend missing a visit to Palmitos Park in Gran Canaria. The park is open every day from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. 

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Recommended experiences at Palmitos Park

A visit to Palmitos Park in Gran Canaria is an experience you shouldn’t miss, but some of the activities there are so spectacular that they deserve a special mention. Here are our favourites:

Dolphin encounter

It’s a dream for many people: to swim with friendly dolphins. Here at the park, that dream can become a reality with the educational programme “Dolphin Encounters,” which promotes and facilitates contact between people and dolphins. In an intimate session, limited to 16 participants, you can enjoy a personal and close interaction with these amazing creatures. It will be a day you’ll never forget.

Birds of prey exhibition

Few things are more spectacular than the flight of an eagle, and here you can witness it up close. With the fantastic views offered by Palmitos Park (located right on the edge of Pilancones Natural Park), you’ll feel like you’re in a movie.

Dolphin show

This experience may not be as personal as the dolphin encounter, but it’s still a spectacular moment filled with fun and play with these beloved cetaceans. Get ready, as the dolphins at Palmitos Park are sure to make you feel a whirlwind of emotions!

Discover fun facts about the fauna and flora

This activity is specially designed for the little ones. Throughout the park, some signs explain various interesting facts about the fauna and flora at Palmitos Park. At the end of each activity, you can ask the kids questions to help them remember what they’ve learned.

Conservation and education programmes

One of the primary roles of zoos and similar establishments should always be conservation and education. At Palmitos Park, there are several species conservation programmes (such as for orangutans) and educational activities for the public and schools, aimed at raising collective awareness about how we should care for the environment and animals. Additionally, they offer courses for university students and professionals in related sectors. Finally, it is important to highlight that Palmitos Park collaborates with various universities and research centres, both on the island and beyond, providing support in the creation and development of projects.

Come to Palmitos Park in Gran Canaria and enjoy it to its fullest!

Palmitos Park in Gran Canaria is one of those places you shouldn’t miss, especially if you’re travelling with family. However, even if you’re travelling alone or with a partner and you love animals, this is the place for you. This zoo is just one of the many attractions of this magical island, so book your trip now. Palmitos Park is located in the southern part of the island, near Maspalomas, and is the perfect location due to its proximity and beautiful surroundings. Plus, it is very well connected by public transport.

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