Visiting Gran Canaria in July is a fantastic time to discover this island that offers a wide range of activities for all types of travellers: from solo backpackers, couples, and groups of friends to those with larger budgets seeking a bit more luxury. Leisure, gastronomy, beaches, sports, nature, and charming villages – exploring Gran Canaria in July is the perfect holiday.

In this post, we will share what you need to know before organising your trip to Gran Canaria in July: what to do on the island, what the weather is like during this month, which events to attend, and popular festivals happening on the holiday during this month. We will also share which villages in Gran Canaria are the best to visit, so don’t miss out and start planning your route!

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What to do in Gran Canaria in July

If you are visiting Gran Canaria in July, the weather will likely be favourable, allowing you to enjoy any activity. So, book your next holiday without hesitation. Here’s what you can do in Gran Canaria in July (you are bound to find something to enjoy):


In July, the wind is perfect for sailing and other water sports like windsurfing and kitesurfing. You’ll see many enthusiasts practising these sports all around the island.

Enjoy the beaches

You already know that there is no shortage of beaches here. From more urban options like Las Canteras Beach to peaceful, spacious beaches where you can surf or explore the various viewpoints on the island, there is the perfect shoreline waiting for you.

Visit the famous Dunes of Maspalomas

A unique place with breathtaking scenery, the Maspalomas Dunes Nature Reserve is a must-visit in Gran Canaria.

Climb Roque Nublo

This volcanic rock is an iconic feature of the island. Located in a spectacular natural setting at a high altitude, this natural monument has a mystical aura, enchanting everyone who climbs it!

Explore the Vegueta neighbourhood

The city of Las Palmas was founded here, and you can explore its history in every corner, making a leisurely stroll through the area highly recommended.

Take photos at Puerto Mogán

This is a beautiful fishing village that has all the attributes of a breathtaking visit: white houses, colourful flowers, and canals connecting various parts of the village have earned this small Gran Canaria town the nickname “Little Venice.”


The Temperature in Gran Canaria in July

Gran Canaria in July has fantastic weather for your dream holiday. With generally warm temperatures, ranging from warm to slightly hot during the day and mild at night (sometimes a light jacket may be needed), July is an ideal month to enjoy everything Gran Canaria has to offer. Even better, it seldom rains in Gran Canaria in July, so nothing will spoil your plans!

Events and Festivals in July in Gran Canaria

The atmosphere in Gran Canaria in July is festive and lively, meaning that the island if full of good vibes and fun. Here are some of the best festivals taking place in July around Gran Canaria:

Santiago Apóstol's Day

July 25th marks a special day that is celebrated mainly in the municipalities of Gáldar and Tunte, where the festival of Santiago Apóstol is celebrated (the most important of the summer after San Juan). Thousands of visitors from all over the island come to join the event, which culminates in the procession of Santiago Apóstol.

The International Jazz Festival and more

Great music from over 50 national and international artists make up the lineup of this festival which has had more than 30 editions and continues to grow, making Gran Canaria in July the epicentre of jazz in the islands and beyond.

These are some of the best events in Gran Canaria in July, but there are many more. You just have to explore the island!


Exploring the villages of Gran Canaria in July

There’s nothing better than getting out and exploring the villages and beaches of Gran Canaria, and that’s what we recommend you do when visiting the island. However, if you prefer to plan your trip in advance, some villages that are definitely worth visiting are:


A village with a rich history, featuring interesting archaeological sites, abundant nature, and spectacular views. In short, one of the most beautiful villages in Gran Canaria that you must visit, especially if you want to make the most of Gran Canaria’s July weather.

Puerto de Mogán

As we’ve mentioned before in this article, Puerto Mogán is one of the most charming towns in Gran Canaria. Visiting in July allows you to make the most of its beauty and enjoy peaceful, pleasant walks along its streets.


Another of Gran Canaria’s “whitewashed” villages, with a charming old town and impressive archaeological sites nearby, such as the Maipés necropolis. Additionally, this village has natural pools and incredible restaurants, so it might be worth visiting more than once.


Arucas is a village with a rich tradition, as it was home to some of the most important figures in this area of the Spanish Empire during the conquest era. Its impressive church is the most spectacular highlight of Arucas’s architecture.

San Agustín

If you are looking for tranquillity, relaxing walks, good food, and a perfect sea for families, San Agustín could be the perfect solution for you. Here, calmness is the main attraction.


Come and enjoy Gran Canaria in July!

As you can see, Gran Canaria in July offers ideal conditions for a perfect holiday: good weather, interesting festivals and events, and all the other fantastic options that Gran Canaria offers throughout the year, such as its gastronomy and friendly people.

We hope this article helps plan your next trip, and if you are looking for accommodation in Gran Canaria, this link is for you. There you will find apartments, chalets, villas, and studios for a wonderful stay on this island.