If you are considering visiting Gran Canaria in March, you have picked a great month to enjoy this island in paradise. With an exceptional climate and unlimited exciting excursions and things to do, prepare yourself to submerge in some unforgettable experiences.

Are you ready to explore this great island? Keep reading to find out more!

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Experience the Best Climate in March

The weather in Gran Canaria in March is perfect. It is not too hot, nor too cold as temperatures range around 20 °C to 25 °C, perfect for exploring Cran Canaria in March without melting under the hot sun. The evenings cool down but luckily it never gets too cold, which allows you to stroll the beaches and enjoy the nightlife.

In March, you can also submerge yourself in an authentic Canary Island cultural experience and participate in events and local festivities. From traditional celebrations to cultural events, March offers a unique opportunity to truly maximise all that the island has to offer.

Recurring March Events in Gran Canaria

From the incredible Las Palmas Carnival to the fun Carnival of Maspalomas, March has become a unique celebration month. The International Film Festival of Las Palmas attracts many stars and artists while Holy Week fills the streets with processions and musical events. Discover the diverse cultures and traditions that make this time of year in Gran Canaria a special time to visit the island.

Carnival in Las Palmas: Colour and Joy in the Streets

Carnival in Las Palmas is an annual event that is filled with happiness and colourful celebrations. Although it officially ends in the first week of the month, its influence persists in the ambience of the Canary Islands throughout March. Costume competitions and a festive atmosphere cover the island during this time.

The Carnival of Maspalomas, different from that of Las Palmas, is another colourful and exciting spectacle that adds to the vibrant charm of Gran Canaria’s festive scene. Although it isn’t as well known as the Las Palmas Carnival, the celebration in Maspalomas is just as important and we suggest a visit!

Located in the southern part of the island, it is a popular tourist destination in which the Maspalomas Carnival represents an atmosphere full of joy and relaxation, perfectly aligning with its laid-back coastal vibe.

The festivities and parades add to the energy of the festival that characterises the Canary Islands in March.

The float parades and costume competitions are standout elements of the Maspalomas Carnival. Creativity and originality are displayed on the streets, while participants of all ages compete with ingenious and thematic costumes. The beach of Maspalomas, with its iconic dunes, provides a unique backdrop for this event, creating an unforgettable festive experience.

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The International Film Festival of Las Palmas: a Celebration of Cinema

For film and cinema lovers, March in Gran Canaria celebrates the International Film Festival of Gran Canaria. This cinematographic event stands out for its international appeal. If you wish to visit, you can truly experience a unique cultural event. Enjoy the incredible premiers, film events and the possibility of submerging yourself in all the creativity that the big screen has to offer.

Holy Week in Gran Canaria: Tradition and Celebration in Various Municipalities

Holy Week, celebrated between March 21 and 27, is an exceptional time to immerse yourself in the intensity and devotion with which Las Palmas de Gran Canaria experiences these festivities, further enhancing the appeal of Holy Week in Gran Canaria.

The historic district of Vegueta and its surroundings are the epicentre of the main processions. From the procession of the Brotherhood of Jesus Triumphant, better known as La Burrita at the Parish of San Bernardo-Ermita de San Telmo, to the Magna Interparish Procession in the Parishes of Santo Domingo, San Agustín, and San Francisco de Asís, each event offers a unique and authentic experience of the Canarian Holy Week.


In addition to the traditional religious celebrations, the city offers many other impressive events for visitors to enjoy during this season. The musical offerings during Holy Week are notable, with the International Bach Festival and the Holy Week Musical in Gran Canaria, driven by the Philharmonic Orchestra. These events, held in emblematic places like the Church of Santo Domingo, add an additional cultural dimension to the experience.

Explore Nature: Gran Canaria’s Trails and Views

Beyond the events, March is ideal for exploring the stunning natural scenery of Gran Canaria. The island features a diversity of landscapes ranging from sand dunes to lush forests, offering unique opportunities for nature lovers and hikers.

Gran Canaria has an extensive network of hiking trails that will lead you to discover beautiful places. Explore the Pico de las Nieves, the highest point of the island, and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views. And don’t forget to visit the Barranco de Guayadeque or walk through the dunes of Maspalomas to explore the diverse landscapes that characterize Gran Canaria.

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Long Live the Magic of Gran Canaria in March, Your Dream Destination!

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