Do you long for soft, sandy beaches, the sun caressing your skin at the perfect temperature and ocean waves lapping your feet? You see it. You hear it. You feel it when you close your eyes and think about your holidays. It sounds like a paradise, it sounds like far-flung places, but it’s closer than you might think. You can enjoy all this in one place. All you need to do is go to Gran Canaria, to Maspalomas beach. Want to know more? Read all about it here.

Maspalomas is in the south of the island of Gran Canaria and is famous for its spectacular sand dunes. With kilometres of sand to enjoy, whichever of the beaches at Maspalomas you choose, it will be the right one.

Playa de Maspalomas beach

The Maspalomas beach is a three-kilometre stretch of soft, golden sand. It is a favourite among swimmers with its gentle tides and waves.

One of the main features of this beach is the variety of people who visit it. It is divided into three areas: The west, closest to the urban area, is best suited to families with children. It is close to all the services such as the sun lounger and parasol rental.

Keep walking and you’ll find yourself in the nudist area, and a little further is an area popular with the gay community.

Because it is so close to the town, the beach is easy to reach using public transport, and it is also a stone’s throw from some of our Maspalomas accommodation.

Playa del Inglés beach

If you walk right to the end of the beach we mentioned above, you’ll reach Playa del Inglés beach in Maspalomas. Truth be told, they are the same dunes. However, the dunes come to a point that divides the beaches and they, therefore, have different names.

Playa del inglés en Maspalomas
Bonita playa del inglés en Maspalomas

With another three kilometres of soft sand, it is one of the island’s most famous beaches. Perhaps this is because of its beauty, with its seafront promenade inviting you to take long strolls at any time of day, or perhaps because they are the gateway to the famous Maspalomas dunes.

The seafront promenade offers all the entertainment you can imagine, from bars and terraces to restaurants, nightlife and, of course, superb accommodation. Don’t hesitate to visit, as it’s easy to get there by public transport or in your own vehicle.

Maspalomas beaches

But Maspalomas beaches and its surroundings have a lot more to offer you.

San Agustín beach

If you walk the length of Playa del Inglés in Maspalomas and keep walking eastwards, you’ll reach San Agustín beach. This beach is just 600 metres long, but it still offers a full range of services and has a quiet atmosphere.

It’s a wonderful place for children to play in the sand and the calm waters.

Playa de San Agustin en Maspalomas
San Agustin en Maspalomas

There is a bus to take you into the town centre, and if you’d rather use your own vehicle, there is also free parking. And if you’d rather walk, you can choose accommodation right on the beach San Agustin.

Playa de las Burras beach

This quiet beach with fine, brown sand is located between the Playa del Inglés and San Agustín beaches. It is 600 metres long and 110 metres wide, and is a great choice for the whole family to relax.

The breakwater makes it a very safe place for children to splash about. This beach is also equipped for people with reduced mobility. Close to the seafront promenade, you’ll find all the services you need, such as public transport to Burras.

Playa del Cometa beach

If you want untamed nature, then the Playa del Cometa  beach is for you. This wild beach is set against a background of mountains and has few services or large buildings.

With dark sand and some rough waves, is situated in a wonderfully peaceful area, and is one of the beaches that nudists may enjoy.

Although it is far from bustle of the seafront promenade and its bars and terraces, it is still easy to reach by car or public transport.

As you see, Gran Canaria, and particularly Maspalomas beaches, have kilometres of idyllic places you absolutely mustn’t miss. And to make your stay even more magical, take a look at our rental properties, because if you like the destination already, our accommodation will make you fall in love with it.