Do you dare to take part in Challenge Mogán 2024, the spectacular endurance and speed sporting event that will test your physical and mental abilities? And all this while discovering the island of Gran Canaria, which offers so much to enjoy. Visit Gran Canaria on April 20th and experience all it has to offer: one of the country’s best triathlons, dazzling beaches, unique cuisine, incredible landscapes, and much more. In this article, we will share everything you need to know about this competition and provide useful information for your visit.

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What is the Challenge Mogán? A Unique Competition

The Challenge Mogán is a triathlon, that is, a race that combines swimming, cycling, and running, and it takes place on the fantastic island of Gran Canaria.

Thanks to its natural route through the island, full of breathtaking landscapes, the Challenge Gran Canaria is a highly sought-after sporting event by athletes from all over the world. Many of them take the opportunity to spend a few vacation days on the island, as the weather in April is usually very pleasant for tourism.

The Disciplines of the Challenge: Swimming, Cycling, and Running

This event brings together all the conditions to challenge and excite all types of athletes, and at the end of the day, that’s what a sporting event is all about a challenge to our capabilities and the excitement of taking part in an adventure. In the Challenge Gran Canaria, this is how the events are distributed, divided between the short-distance version and the middle-distance version:


The Mogán Challenge Gran Canaria 2024 takes place on April 20th at Playa de Anfi del Mar, located in the municipality of Mogán between the towns of Puerto Rico and Arguineguín.

Short Distance at the Challenge Mogán:

The short distance gains prominence at the Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria, on April 22nd, at Playa de Anfi.

  • Swimming Course: It is a circular route of 1,900 meters, starting and finishing at Anfi Beach. The start is done by age group. This part of the triathlon has a cut-off time of 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • Cycling Course: It covers 43 kilometres, starting from Anfi Beach with 2 laps of the course.
  • Running Course: This part of the event is 12.6 kilometres, which means 3 laps around the course located in the Anfi Beach area.

The Goal: Each athlete faces their segment aiming to complete the triathlon as a team, with the running leg finishing on the spectacular Isla de Anfi del Mar.

Challenge Mogán Relays:

Forming a team of three, each member specialises in one discipline: swimming, cycling, or running.

  • Diversified Challenges:
    • Swimming: 1,900 meters at Playa de Amadores, with a time limit of 1 hour and 10 minutes.
    • Cycling: A course of 4 laps between Anfi del Mar and Taurito, with refreshment stations every 20 km.
    • Running: 21 km around Playa de Anfi, on a circuit that offers constant sea views.

Team Goal: Each athlete tackles their segment aiming to complete the triathlon as a team, with the running leg finishing on the spectacular Isla de Anfi del Mar.

Middle Distance of the Challenge Mogán:

It’s the perfect triathlon for endurance lovers in the triathlon world, where you’ll push your potential to the max, ideal for well-prepared participants.

  • Swimming Course: It is a circular route of 1,900 meters, starting and finishing at Anfi Beach. The start is by age group. This part of the triathlon has a cut-off time of 1 hour and 10 minutes.
  • Cycling Course: There are 4 laps of the circuit between Anfi del Mar and Taurito, totalling 90 kilometres, with refreshment stations every 20 kilometres.
  • Running Course: A 21-kilometre run, or 5 laps of the circuit, starting and finishing at Anfi Beach. This circuit always runs parallel to the sea, giving this event a spectacular perspective.

The toughest part of the entire race: It requires you to have excellent physical condition and mental strength.

Mogan Challenge Gran Canaria

The Setting of the Challenge Mogán

This corner of Gran Canaria is perfect for relaxing, with its white sand, fantastic climate, and mountain views. It’s a bay with calm waters, ideal for families, and equipped with all the services and amenities one looks for on vacation: showers, toilets, lifeguards, bars and restaurants, and the chance to kayak, take a boat trip, or engage in sports. If you come to the Challenge Gran Canaria, staying in the area and enjoying all it has to offer is a great idea! 

Participant Experiences from Previous Challenges in Mogán

The previous editions of the Challenge Mogán have been exceptional, which is why the number of registrations continues to increase. Because of this, the conditions of the event have also improved year after year, with changes in the courses to increase the spectacular nature of the event and improve conditions for athletes and other professionals. According to widespread opinion, this Challenge Gran Canaria is on par with some of the best triathlons, with the advantage of being located on an island as spectacular as this one.

Mogan Challenge 2024 Gran Canaria

Enjoy Mogán Beyond the Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria

Enjoying Gran Canaria in April (or any other month) is wonderful. If you’re coming for the Challenge Mogán 2024, take the opportunity to discover all the attractions of the island, starting with Mogán. This is one of the most visited municipalities: it has spectacular ravines, beautiful beaches with all services, sea ports, avenues for strolling, and the possibility of numerous activities, such as whale watching and water sports.

In April, temperatures range between 15 ºC and 25 ºC, so with a bit of luck, you might even be able to take a dip at the beach or in the pool. And even if it’s not warm enough to lie in the sun, it’s worth visiting some of Gran Canaria’s beaches for their landscapes, beachfront terraces, and relaxed atmosphere. Additionally, Canarian cuisine is unique and is developing rapidly, so dare to try new things in the many quality restaurants you will find. You won’t regret it.

Dare to Participate in the Challenge Mogán

Test yourself in the Challenge Mogán of Gran Canaria and take the opportunity to discover an incredible island, full of activities, fantastic landscapes, and wonderful beaches. If you want to participate in this amazing event and enjoy the spectacular island of Gran Canaria with  comfort, check out these accommodations in Gran Canaria: apartments, bungalows, houses, chalets, studios, and villas for groups of friends, couples, and families, in the best areas of the island.