La Playa del Inglés (translated as the English Beach) is a kilometre-long stretch of sand that offers the perfect climate all year round, with almost permanent mild and pleasant sunshine. It is one of the most popular bathing areas in the south of Gran Canaria, and it’s no surprise. Would you like to know what to expect at La Playa del Inglés?

Where is La Playa del Inglés?

La Playa del Ingles in Gran Canaria has everything you could expect from a top beach destination. It is located to the south of the island, near the famous Maspalomas Dunes. There is also a wide array of fantastic services, accommodation and apartments available in the surrounding area

This beach stretches all the way to Punta de Maspalomas. The closer you get, the more rugged, wild and vibrant it becomes. If you drive by car to this beach from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the journey is just a little over 55 kilometres. It will take about 35 minutes to get there. You can get here from anywhere on the island in less than an hour, more or less.

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What to do at La Playa del Inglés

La Playa del Inglés is a wonderful tropical park An ideal tourist destination for all types of travellers. Its characteristics and activities attract a wide range of different visitors, from families with older or little children, couples in love, groups of young people, singles and retirees.

It is therefore a real oasis to suit everyone’s tastes. Below we’re going to share some of the best activities, options and plans.

1. Walk along the sea

The length of the beach, the palm trees, the beautiful blue colour of the waves, the soft sands that are so pleasant to walk on… It is an idyllic setting for strolls by the sea.

2. Go to concerts

Although not as common as what we mentioned in the previous section, festivals and music shows are occasionally held right on the edge of the beach. When it does happen, the atmosphere is incredible.

3. Compete in a competition

Due to its large size and the lively social environment that it’s known for, La Playa del Inglés in Gran Canaria is the perfect place for holding sports tournaments, particularly beach football and volleyball. If you’re competitive, you’ll have a great time.

4. Enjoy some water sports

There are many different options and the majority are located in the area nearest to the dunes. This beach offers spots that are very popular with surfers, but in addition to this speciality, you can also try kitesurfing, bodyboarding and windsurfing.

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5. Practice nudism

Head to the wildest areas of the beach, near Punta de Maspalomas. There you will find some excellent spots where you can get naked and experience swimming in an even more natural way. This location is signposted and you’ll find it between beach bars three and six. It is a quiet and very immersive place.

6. Go for an evening stroll

Night owls and party goers will love the tropical nightlife at La Playa del Inglés, which is brimming with fun activities. In addition to the wide range of clubs on offer, such as Ozono, Aqua Ocean and Pachá, the Kasbah and Yumbo shopping centres are also very popular.

7. Experience the fantastic LGBTI scene

The climate of freedom and good vibes that this place is known for has turned it into a fantastic area for the LGBTQI+ community. As such, there are countless gay-friendly bars and establishments here, particularly around beach bar seven, where everyone can feel free to be themselves, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Some particularly notable options are cabarets, dance bars, drag shows and even the Yumbo Centrum shopping centre. Maspalomas Gay Pride and the Carnaval also attract a lot of people from this community.

Lo que no te puedes perder del gay pride de Maspalomas 2023

8. Take an excursion

The area around the beach offers many great Canarian tourist attractions that are easy to get to. There are the charming houses at Puerto de Mogán, the stunning seaside environment of Arguineguín and the beautiful Meloneras beach, among other options. And there is also Montaña de Arenas Beach, which impresses with its untouched character. It is a trip we’d definitely recommend, but it is challenging.

9. Visitar el Holiday World

This theme park provides a unique cocktail of entertainment. You will find many spectacular attractions, including a rollercoaster, a panoramic wheel, the Giro Loop, Pirata Bay and the family-friendly 2P carousel. It also offers various karaoke rooms, escape rooms, bowling alleys, birthday celebrations, fantastic food, sports activities and a casino space.

10. Watch sea animals

The area offers boat trips and areas designed for watching cetaceans, particularly dolphins and whales around La Playa del Inglés. You can also go snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters, which is a real delight.

11. Go shopping

The town centre is brimming with enormous shopping centres, shops with local crafts and souvenirs, and fashion boutiques.

Come to La Playa del Inglés in Gran Canaria

By this point the conclusion is clear: La Playa del Inglés awaits you with everything a tourist could possibly need. No matter what type of visitor you are, you will have a whale of a time here. Go to Gran Canaria Stays and book the best accommodation for your next holiday.

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Accommodation in La Playa del Inglés

Visit Playa del Inglés in Gran Canaria for a unique experience. Discover everything that Maspalomas has to offer on one of its most iconic beaches. Here, fun is guaranteed.