Mogan is a town in the southwest of Gran Canaria, 93 kilometres from Las Palmas. Covering an area of 172.44 square kilometres, it is the second largest municipality on the island. However, its true appeal lies in its tourism, nature and cuisine. Without a doubt, it is an extraordinary destination you simply won’t want to miss.

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Exploring Puerto de Mogan

In Mogan in Gran Canaria, time seems to stand still the minute you step onto its land. Its charming atmosphere surrounds you, with its multitude of tourist attractions.

One of them is its average annual temperature that hovers around 21°C. Did you know that it boasts the most days of sunshine in Europe? Aside from this unique climate, it is also home to endless beaches, a rich cuisine and a stunning coastline stretched across 16 kilometres.

It has a bustling seaside promenade with lots of exciting leisure options, especially when it comes to restaurants and shops. With its colourful maritime essence, it offers visitors delightful nooks and crannies amidst maze-like canals, bougainvilleas and floral decorations. Its port resembles a charming fishing museum, as it distils the entire essence, visual beauty and scents of this traditional activity.

In the mountains of Mogán, you can visit the Lomo de los Gatos Archaeological Site. This is an architectural ensemble of stone houses of indigenous origin. It includes trails and walkways to explore it, as well as a viewpoint with a café where you can enjoy a drink as you gaze out at the panoramic views.

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Strolling along the canals and through the villages near the port

Walking around Puerto de Mogan is truly a delight. In every street you’ll be able to feel that authentic island essence. The warmth of the land is complemented by the hospitality of its people, whose traditions and buildings will steal your heart at any time of year.

Admiring the traditional farmhouses and the Molino Quemado is another unmissable activity in this town. Though its origins are not as distant as those of the archaeological site, it still connects the present to a very characteristic recent past. The heart of Veneguera is a magnificent example of traditional architecture which combines the natural essence of clay, stone, wood and limestone.

Clocks, schedules and calendars are pointless in Mogan, Gran Canaria. Each step marks and halts the passage of time in this ravine-streaked land. The urban area is packed with tourist developments brimming with services next to the sea.

Where to eat in Puerto de Mogan

Do you consider yourself a foodie? Whatever your answer may be, it won’t take long for you to become one in Puerto de Mogan. The town is full of options and infused with unique flavours and culinary experiences. For example, here you can sample the best blue fish. Traditional fishing practices provide foodies with exquisite delicacies, such as tuna, redbanded seabream, white seabream, amberjack and red porgy.

What’s more, aside from all the seafood, you should also try the fruits of its land. Top-quality avocados and mangos await you in Mogán, Gran Canaria.

Throughout the year, the following culinary events are held on the island. Take note:

  • Summer Mango and Avocado Festival.
  • Marine Gastronomy Festival.
  • Tuna Festival.
  • Winter Avocado Festival.

Furthermore, going shopping while enjoying the lovely weather in Mogan is an essential pastime. This is especially the case on Fridays, when 500 stalls selling all kinds of products come together for the town’s street market. Clothes, shoes, home decor, accessories, artisanal items, local delicacies, fresh produce and more. There’s a place for everything in this dynamic commercial epicentre.

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Beach and water activities

Puerto de Mogan is home to a lovely beach, ideal for children and the whole family. There are hardly any waves in its waters, which are calm thanks to the surrounding breakwater. The sand is also soft, very fine and delicate, as your toes sink in with every step.

When it comes to water activities, there is a vast selection on offer. Do you want to see cetaceans? Taking a boat ride from the port to catch sight of these gorgeous creatures is priceless. Another option is Submarine Adventure, a yellow submarine that will take you to see Atlantis park in the depths of the ocean.

In fact, you can enjoy all sorts of dynamic activities in Mogan, ranging from parasailing, jet skiing, jet boating and kayaking, all the way up to maritime excursions by sailing boat, yacht or other vessels along the coast.

Planning your day in Puerto de Mogan

The leisure, relaxation and entertainment options available in this town guarantee a memorable getaway to the Canary Islands. Of course, you’ll need to book your top-quality holiday accommodation in Mogan, Gran Canaria.

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