Where to watch the sunset in Maspalomas

Every sunset in Maspalomas is a festival of light, colour and emotions. The famous golden hour illuminates vibrant, romantic and unforgettable scenery for the fortunate eyes of those who see it.

This symphony of colours inspires positive vibes, relaxation and a whole host of pleasant sensations for anyone visiting. That’s why sunset in Maspalomas is perfect for sharing with your partner or loved ones. As a family, or even unaccompanied, this stunning spectacle is the ideal experience to relax, unwind and disconnect.

So, where can you watch the sunset in Maspalomas? Keep reading to find out our shortlist of the area’s best vantage points to get the most out of this magic moment.

1. Maspalomas Lighthouse

As dusk falls over the island, the imposing silhouette of a lighthouse rises out of the darkness like an obelisk illuminated by golden lights. The beam of its upper beacon adds an especially distinctive touch. In this brightly coloured landscape, lilacs, purplish-greys and orangey hues take centre stage.

This impressive maritime structure serves to guide ships safely through the waters of southern Gran Canaria. This emblematic historical feature dominates the local landscape, enjoying a privileged location from which it’s possible to witness one of the most iconic sunset views in Maspalomas.

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2. La Charca lagoon

Very close to the Palmeral (palm grove) of Maspalomas you will find this protected natural space, favoured by many migratory birds as a stop on their journey towards Africa.

This wetland habitat is a magical spot to watch the sunset in Maspalomas, with the reflection of the sky’s reddish tones in the waters of the lagoon, making it a truly unique experience. If you’re a wildlife and nature lover, a visit to La Charca is a must. Even if you’re not passionate about the outdoors, you can still enjoy this incredible natural spectacle. The lagoon marks the edge of the dune fields, which we will come back to later. 

Choose the perfect spot, blend in with the local birdlife and savour the precious moment when the sun sinks below the horizon. This unforgettable image will stay with you for years to come!

3. Maspalomas seafront promenade

Time for just one last recommendation? Actively enjoying the sunset in Maspalomas is a real pleasure. That’s why the town’s seafront promenade is the ideal option to watch the sunset while exercising at the same time.

Whether you’re out for a walk or a run, the stunning sunset views are sure to make an impact. You’ll have the opportunity to take endless photos while actively admiring such beautiful scenery. You won’t be short of incredible views of the dunes and other attractive viewpoints.

4. El Águila Beach

Approximately seven kilometres from the centre of Maspalomas, this incredible swimming spot awaits you. During the day, this predominantly pebble beach has a wildly beautiful atmosphere.

When you think ‘where’s the best place to watch the sunset in Maspalomas?’, this option really stands out. The stunning beach scenery is lit up by vibrant colours reflected in its waters, which can occasionally be choppy.

If you choose it as the setting to admire the Canarian sunset, you won’t want to keep this incredible experience to yourself. Despite the presence of a few buildings constructed practically in the Ocean itself, the sun illuminates the scene with an extraordinary intensity. Have your camera at the ready!

5. Las Meloneras Beach

Looking for other original spots to watch the Maspalomas sunsets from? Less than four kilometres away lies this stunning beach, one of the most beautiful – and most popular – on the island. The spectacular sunsets here don’t disappoint, and neither does its charming seafront promenade.

Although your attention will definitely be focused on the sky and ocean’s endless pallet of blue-greys against the burning yellow of the sun’s last rays. The ocean embraces the sandy shoreline amid sinuous curves and stunning shades of silver.

There’s just one problem: you won’t want to leave until this incredible visual spectacle is well and truly over.

6. Maspalomas Dunes

Dusk at Maspalomas Dunes is a truly iconic experience, almost hypnotic at times. It is, without a doubt, the most charismatic and highly recommended option in the area. 

The evening in this part of southern Gran Canaria displays an incomparable, ever-changing splendour. The dunes shift constantly, taking on different forms, so every sunset is different: you won’t get tired of watching them day after day!

The landscape’s natural pallet is equally enchanting. The contrast between the warm, burnt shades of the glimmering golden sand and a multicoloured sky are sure to captivate. Pinks, pastel and electric blues, salmons and a myriad other shades illuminate the area’s bucolic scenery. Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best locations to watch the sunset in Maspalomas is at the Maspalomas Dunes Viewpoint.

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Sunset in Maspalomas, a unique experience

Gorgeous sunsets at Maspalomas await you in this fantastic region of the Canaries. Find accommodation near Las Meloneras beach, in San Bartolomé de Tirajana or in other strategic locations. Fancy enjoying a stunning sunset from your holiday let in Gran Canaria? Get in touch now!