The weather in Maspalomas is not the only attraction of this Canary island paradise. Its dunes provide a magnificent natural backdrop for strolls, and its captivating beaches offer plenty of fun activities and services. Take a walk along the promenade to the lighthouse, which was built in 1861. The attractions of this tourist destination that never disappoint include entertainment, partying and shopping. You’re going to have a great time!

The weather in Maspalomas

Thanks to its coastal location in the south of Gran Canaria, Maspalomas has a warm, dry climate. It is scarcely affected by the clouds brought in by the trade winds that can affect the north.

Rain is infrequent and minimal. The average annual rainfall is under 100 millimetres. October, with 20 mm, is the month when most rain falls, but in June and July, with 2 mm, it almost never rains.

Get ready to enjoy a mild climate, perfect for swimming along its sublime coast. In fact, the climate in Maspalomas gives us, on average 259 cloudless days.

In addition, the average humidity is 75% and the UV index is 6. It is rightly described as a Mediterranean climate: it offers warm, pleasant summers and fresh winters that can get cold.

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Temperature in Maspalomas

Las temperaturas en gran canaria, tiempo

When it comes to water temperature, it’s always pleasant at the beach. It varies between 19 ºC in the three winter months, 25 ºC in September and 24 ºC in October and November.

So, what is the temperature in Maspalomas throughout the year? The annual average couldn’t be more pleasant: 22 ºC. As there is very little variation between months, any time of the year is a suitable time to visit.

Logically enough, the winter months — January, February and March — are cooler, with an average temperature of 19 ºC. The hottest months are between July, September and October at 24 ºC, and peaking in August at 25 ºC.

Las temperaturas en maspalomas en gran canaria

Webcam Maspalomas

The best way to find out about the weather in Maspalomas is to check out a Maspalomas webcam. You can find plenty of them on the internet. Did you know that they let you see in real time what the weather is like in key locations in the area and nearby? That means, you’ll not only have information on temperatures, cloud cover and wind in each location, but you can also see them with your own eyes. We recommend you have a look at the webcam :

Windguru Maspalomas

If you’re interested in water sports in Maspalomas, this website is an excellent source of information. If you want to catch some waves on your board, set sail to explore the coastline or scuba dive, it’s always a good idea to check this website.

On Windguru Maspalomas, you’ll find loads of useful information about the sea and wind conditions. For example, wind speed and direction, gusts, cloud cover, wave direction and period, and temperature. This will help you make better plans about when and where to pursue your passion.

Como saber el tiempo en maspalomas

The weather in Maspalomas from Aemet

The Agencia Estatal de Meteorología, the Spanish government’s weather service, is always a useful source of information about the weather forecast. That’s why it’s a good idea to check Aemet for the weather forecast for Maspalomas.

wind, cloud coverage, waves, the maximum temperature, the wind chill, water temperature and the maximum UV index. It also provides the forecast times of high and low tides.

This is trustworthy, accessible and easily understandable information! Get in the habit of visiting this site to plan your adventures.

The weather in Maspalomas in Gran Canaria

The climate in Maspalomas and Gran Canaria as a whole are fairly similar: warm, sunny, gentle, pleasant and perfect for enjoying yourself. The absence of clouds and a bit less wind than in the north makes Maspalomas stand out.

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