Detalles de la maratón de Maspalomas

The Maspalomas Marathon is much more than just a competition; it is a challenge that invites you to push your limits in a spectacular setting. Every detail of this competition is designed to provide a unique and unforgettable experience to each participant.

Typically, the competition is held annually during the warmest time of the year and is divided into three categories:

  1. Full marathon (42.195 km)
  2. Half marathon (21.0975 km)
  3. 10-kilometer fun run.

This way, the event can welcome both experienced athletes looking for a new goal, and those just getting started in the world of running and hoping to take on a competition of this calibre.

The start and finish point is located at the iconic Maspalomas Lighthouse, a beautiful and historic location which will accompany you at both the start and end of the race. The race crosses dreamlike landscapes: from the golden, exotic dunes to the waterfront that borders the El Inglés Beach, offering you panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Along the way, you’ll find several refreshment points where participants can hydrate themselves and restore their energy.

maraton de maspalomas en gran canaria

The organisation provides highly useful services for runners, like a cloakroom, showers and first aid, as well as a massage station to soothe tired muscles. Likewise, all participants of this marathon in Gran Canaria will receive a commemorative medal upon crossing the finish line, no matter how long it takes them.

What’s more, thanks to the chips embedded in the numbers, friends and family will be able to track your progress in real time. Rankings are also offered by age and gender to recognise every personal achievement.

Recorrido de la Maratón de Maspalomas 2023

The Gran Canaria Maspalomas Marathon is an exciting marathon held in Maspalomas, on the island of Gran Canaria. In its third edition scheduled for November 19, 2023, at 8:00 AM, runners will enjoy a predominantly asphalted course at sea level, with a minimum altitude of 4 meters and a maximum of 35 meters, and a positive elevation gain of 171 meters.

During the race, refreshment stations are provided every 2.5 kilometers, offering isotonic drinks, water, fruits, and nuts to maintain energy levels. Furthermore, entertainment is present throughout the course, from music and DJs at the start to the festive atmosphere of Maspalomas Pride and entertainment at Holiday World, the amusement park.

Recorrido maraton maspalomas 2023

The finish area, located at the Maspalomas Lighthouse, provides a spectacular conclusion to the race with entertainment, music, and a festive atmosphere. Runners have a maximum of 6 hours to complete the race, with specific cutoff times at various points along the course.

A robust medical assistance is provided by Vithas, which includes ambulances, rapid intervention motorcycles, small medical stations at the start and finish, doctors, nurses, and emergency medical technicians. Additionally, for those who want to experience the marathon from within, there is an opportunity to be a pace setter and help other runners achieve their time goals at various paces, ranging from 3 hours to 5 hours.

Atmosphere and experience during the Maspalomas marathon

The Maspalomas marathon, as well as being an athletic competition, is an event bursting with excitement and the spirit of camaraderie, ensuring an unbeatable experience.

Throughout the week of the race, the island throws itself into party mode and celebrates the sporting spirit with a series of events scheduled to further enrich the event. The traditional Runner’s Fair takes place in the days leading up to the event, in which participants can collect their numbers, meet other runners, attend talks by running experts and enjoy exhibitions of sporting products and services.

On the day of the event, the atmosphere is truly electric and filled with excitement. Before the start, the energy of the thousands of runners – both local and international – is palpable, as they warm up, stretch and share laughter and expectations. The race is attended by hundreds of spectators, ready to cheer on, clap and share words of encouragement, as well as live music bands to make every kilometre a party.


After crossing the finish line, participants will enjoy a range of different recovery services, including massages, guided stretching and a relaxation zone. But that’s not all – Maspalomas continues to buzz with the energy of the marathon thanks to post-race parties and events. Without a doubt, this is an excellent opportunity to share stories, make new friends and celebrate personal achievements.

The pleasant, warm climate guarantees a festive atmosphere, even after the race. The beach and local restaurants offer the perfect place to relax and celebrate your achievement, whether it’s with a refreshing dip in the ocean or enjoying the delicious cuisine of the Canary Islands.

In short, the Gran Canarias marathon is not just a physical challenge, it’s an event that celebrates life, sport and friendship.

Running the Maspalomas race

Whether you’re an experienced athlete looking to take on a new challenge in a spectacular environment or just getting started and hoping for a memorable competition experience, this test is an opportunity you’ll want to consider. Few competitions are surrounded by as beautiful an environment as this town on the Canary Islands.

In the world of athletics and running, there are many challenges that promise a satisfying sporting experience. However, the Maspalomas marathon in Gran Canaria offers something more: an unforgettable adventure in a natural paradise, a personal challenge as part of an international community of runners and an opportunity to form part of a vibrant celebration of life and sport. If you want to take part and get the most out of this event, book your accommodation in advance, as the number of spaces available over these dates is lower than usual.